I am a proud mother of two gorgeous boys and a lover of the outdoors.

I have a sincere passion for photographing weddings and have been blessed to be a part of such special events since 2002.

My love for God’s creation, as well as the unexpected, drives the organic quality of my work. I enjoy shooting the most natural, candid moments that unfold at a wedding to genuinely document the essence of the occasion and the backdrop. Whether nature brings rain or shine, order or chaos—it’s your story, and I’d be honored to capture it.

  • Where did you grow up?
    I was born and raised in Colorado. I love it here. I live near the foothills so I can run the nearby trails and easily get up into the mountains. I love the culture that Denver has gained over the years, but part of me is sad that it keeps getting so busy. I remember when The Market coffee shop downtown was one of the only places to hang out. And in college I would go to Paris on the Platte when Platte Street was just a dirt road. A lot has changed since then! Now, it is a well-paved street lined with amazing restaurants, shops, condos, and a brewery.
  • How did you become a wedding photographer?
    I studied photography at the University of Colorado in Boulder, where I received my Bachelor of Arts degree. After college I lived in London, hoping to pursue a career in fashion photography. Mostly, I traveled Europe! It was amazing, but after about a year, I returned to Denver and started working at a photography lab. It was such an incredible job. I was able to see several different areas of photography—architectural, portrait, and wedding photography. I fell in love with wedding photography, mostly because people and their families fascinate me, but I was also excited that the style was starting to move toward documentary rather than traditional. So, in 2002, I started my business. Over the years, I have been a part of over 100 weddings and I’ve captured so many beautiful families. The best part is that many of my clients have turned into life-long friends. I feel blessed to do what I do.
  • What medium do you shoot with?
    I shoot with the Nikon d4s. My favorite lenses are fixed lenses, the 35mm, 50mm, and 85 mm. While I enjoy photographing weddings with film, I shoot digital exclusively—it makes more sense for weddings. You only have one opportunity to get the shot and there are so many fleeting moments in that one day. I love that digital allows me to take as many photos as I want, and that I can photograph in any lighting situation, even when there’s limited light. The range of digital is amazing. It’s also great to have control in editing to make an image black-and-white or keep it in color.
  • When your not photographing a wedding what do you enjoy doing?
    As I mentioned previously, I love trail running. It’s my passion. It’s where life is quiet, and I get to experience God's creation—the open fields and wild animals. I also enjoy eating great food and drinking wine, being with my amazing family and friends, and gardening. There is something rewarding about digging in the dirt and cooking what I grew in my own backyard. Last but not least, my favorite thing when I am not photographing is being with my gorgeous boys, Max and Frankie. They make me laugh and smile every day. I love watching them grow and discover the world around them; they are the best gift God has given me.